Siravind: A new Norwegian industrial adventure at Utsira Nord

Siravind will make the Norwegian offshore wind industry profitable with intelligent and efficient serial production.

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This is Siravind

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Floating offshore wind will be crucial in providing Norway and several othercountries with the necessary production of renewable power. Siravind was established by the publicly owned Zephyr and the world-leading renewablecompany RES. With Utsira Nord, Siravind aims to develop a new profitable offshore industry, and by 2040, Siravind has set a goal to establish 6 GW of floating offshore wind.

The owners of Siravind have 40 years of experience with renewable power and will, through partnerships with prominent industry players in Norway and Europe, develop a new industrial adventure. The assembly of the offshore wind turbines will happen in Norway. French Eiffage Métal and Belgian Smulders contribute with world-leading expertise in serial production of large steel structures. Clovers AS has developed the floating foundation, Molo, which Siravind will use.

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Offshore wind in Utsira nord

Utsira Nord will be developed with floating foundations due to the sea depth. This involves innovation and new technology, with the developmentof an entirely new green industry creating many new jobs.

Size 1000 km2
The area the authorities have set aside for the projects at Utsira Nord is 1000 km². Parts of the area are reserved for ship traffic and buffers for other activities. Each of the project areas will be around 200 km², and there will be wind turbines on about 125 km² of these. The turbines will be placed at a mutual distance of around 1.5 - 2 km. The rest of the project areas will remain untouched.
Power for the industry
Utsira Nord will produce more than 6 TWh annually when all three areas are fully developed. This is close to 20% of all power used by power-intensive industries. It will cover half of the reduced power surplus we anticipate by 2026.
Innovation & new technology
Siravind's plans for Utsira Nord innovate both in terms of the floating foundation and the development processes that reduce costs and help commercialise offshore wind power. The foundation MOLO, developed by the Norwegian company Clovers, is now being specially designed for quick assembly by the French Eiffage Métal and the Belgian Smulders.
New jobs
Siravind's development of Utsira Nord marks the beginning of a long-term commitment to floating offshore wind power in the Norwegian market. It's in Siravind's DNA that the consortium will collaborate long-term with its industrial partners, contributing to the development of 6 GW by 2040. Thiswill create thousands of jobs in Western Norway and the rest of the country.


Europeiske offshore-spesialister

Med seg på laget har Siravind fått med seg Europas mest erfarne selskaper på bygging av offshore fundamenter, det franske selskapet Eiffage Metal og det belgiske fabrikasjonsselskapet Smulders.

Smulders planlegger å bygge ut en fabrikasjonsfasilitet på et norske verft, og i samarbeid med Eiffage vil dette sikre at fundamentene til Utsira Nord vil bli bygget ut så raskt og kostnadseffektivt som er mulig i dagens marked.

Siravind har valgt det norske flyterkonseptet MOLO som fundament som skal brukes for utbyggingen av Utsira Nord. Eiffage Métal videreutvikler designet som vil lede til sertifisering og legger det til rette for samlebåndssammensetning. Det belgiske selskapet Smulders – som er eid av Eiffage – har inngått en samarbeidsavtale med Siravind, og vil være ansvarlig for sammensetting av de prefabrikerte på byggeplassen i Norge. Dette samarbeidet vil fortsette etter Utsira Nord og være en sentral del av planene om utvikling og utbygging av 6 GW innen 2040.

Timeline for Utsira Nord

March 29, 2023
Announcement made by the Government
April 17 - June 1, 2023.
Period for submission of questions
October 17, 2023
The government announced it aims to set a new application deadline during the first quarter of 2024.
Deadline for submission of application and decision on award of licenses.

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